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Products Name:1D CCD Scan Module Products Model:CS-1011
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CS-1011Is a high-performance embedded red scanner, USES the independent core technology, common international standard one-dimensional bar code can be read, read performance reached the international advanced level.The series scanner USES industry-standard design, high integration, easy installation, flexible application, provide for the customer provide industrial-grade OEM applications, in the ticket machine, vending machines, as well as other data terminal equipment, can provide reliable technical support.
CS-1011 Has a variety of automatic induction read mode, its inductance model has normally on the induction, flashing inductance and dynamic inductance model, etc.Its automatic induction detection transducer for object detection and automatic scan function.When successfully set for dynamic automatic induction read mode, CS - 1011 module and then enter the sleep mode, when there is a bar code through the module in front of the window, the sensor bar code, automatically detect automatically awakening LED to read bar codes, keys and does not need to command the trigger, can make use of it is more convenient to read fast.
Support for embedded devices,special for the data terminal requested small size.
Can scan the barcode on the screen
Light source: visible red light @650nm
Recognization Type:CCD
Interface:RS232/USB /TTL
Reading Accuracy:0.10-0.825mm
Scan Speed:100 scans/sec
Bit Error Rate:<1(1.2million)
Trigger Mode:Auto scan
Power Supply:5VDC(±0.25V)
Temperature:0℃-50℃ Operating;-40℃-60℃ Storage
Shell Material:ABS+PC
Standard:1D:Code128,EAN-13,EAN-8,Code39,UPC-A EAN13,EAN128,Code93,EAN8,Interleaved 2 of 5 UPC-A,UPC-E etc.