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Two-dimensional bar codes help the people of Jinan City, the fourth ward care
  Time:2013-5-9   Browse: 39
Fourth People's Hospital care in hospital wards to see patients each wrist wore a two-dimensional bar code wristband; patients with drug packaging also has a two-dimensional bar code implementation of the single, nurses in the care and medicine from drug use prior to be used for small hand-held wireless computer scan two-dimensional bar code medication, check the information or input relevant information.
Reporter noted that the volume of wireless handheld computers, portable radios and similar common. Nursing Lishu Wen told reporters that the computer is equipped with an electronic scanning front-end eye, able to identify two-dimensional bar code, and computer system which has stored the details of each patient, once a mistake, the computer is a timely reminder to ensure the safety of medication. Each nurse has their own code and password into the system, nurses in nursing and medicine into the system before the information should be checked first, while the system will automatically record the related work of nurses.
Cui aunt who lives in the flyover zone, 76 years old this year, the Fourth People's Hospital of Jinan City, the "regulars", and about two-dimensional bar code wristband wrist, she said happily: "With this, I feel more at ease To use a drug to certain security from the more. "" We have assured the families, and because of the computer matching of information, even with the same name will not be using the wrong medicine, and this can be a lot safer. "Cui aunt's daughter told reporters.
Zhang, director of the hospital computer management relies Liang told the reporter that the handheld wireless computer technology is from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University, introduced, Jinan City, the Fourth People's Hospital is the province's first hospital with the technology. The use of this technology, both to ensure drug safety for patients, a clear responsibility of nurses to avoid unnecessary medical disputes, and can further protect patient privacy, because the patient information stored in the database, only the head doctor and nurse on duty to understand relevant information, others hardly learned.