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Guangzhou subway just
  Time:2013-4-13   Browse: 46
In the future, Guangzhou people "brush" mobile phone can take the subway.

Phone cards can be used to pay subway fare? With the mobile and Guangzhou Metro, Guangzhou jointly developed the first nationwide "mobile phone is the ticket" into the trial phase since yesterday, all become a reality.

Relieved of the pain recharge line

Yesterday afternoon, in the Subway Station at the "Mobile is the ticket," launch services, the reporter saw the mobile phone to demonstrate. Staff completed the first aerial recharge cell phones feature, the phone to the ground before the gate machine flash card reader area, just listen to "tick" bang gates door opens, and from the gates before the flash, the smooth card out of station.

It is reported that "mobile phone is the ticket" project started in late 2007 has overcome obstacles. The RFID (commonly known as RFID) technology to continuously improve the commercial test, then fill the gaps in this field. "Mobile phone the ticket" is the first to use a mobile payment application projects subway fare, is the first dual-interface SIM card-based technology to support the subway air rechargeable applications, mobile e-commerce technology to create a precedent for applications.

Phone battery died can also take the subway

"Replacing the SIM card and to install a small antenna put away Zai battery after the above, a mobile ticket with Zhifuditie function." The person in charge, only GSM subscribers can use this function, the phone type has certain restrictions. Phone battery died, the "mobile phone is the ticket" is still functioning; if the phone is lost, the "vote" and the SIM card can be handled with the reported loss. It is reported that, after the company and Shi Jiaowei mobile communication, mobile payment function of the next ticket will be extended to other bus systems. Users can also support future mobile phone shops in the subway along the small shop.

According to this year's trial period, mobile GSM subscribers to the free replacement SIM card business hall and to install antennas can be realized through mobile phones to pay a ticket, before the 3500 opening of the service, the public will be 50 mobile phone Metro fee.

RFID is the abbreviation RadioFrequencyIdentification that radio frequency identification technology, commonly known as RFID. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology, radio frequency signal through the automatic target recognition and access to relevant data, identification of the work without human intervention, to work in a variety of harsh environments.

Guangzhou Mobile RFID subway ticket is used in the non-contact dual-interface card technology, currently the leader in the field of business applications at home and abroad.