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How to distinguish genuine security labels Olympic Licensed Products
  Time:2013-5-11   Browse: 46
With the Olympics approaching, the Olympic licensed products are more and more shopping centers and licensed in all levels of sales points. And counterfeit products, but also be there. So how can buy the genuine licensed Olympic commodity? Starting from the security label is one of the most efficient way. A relevant, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games licensed merchandise security label is divided into two linked objectives and labeling.

Linked to standard: using special materials made by the private copying system, security equipment, special paper copy was printed in the non-fluorescent reaction observed under ultraviolet light. Marked positive by the Holographic hung window security thread, intaglio touch points, gravure invisible text form; on the back of fluorescence by the invisible text, invisible fluorescent fibers, gravure miniature text, bar codes and price formation.

Holographic windowed security thread: the label front, a 3mm silver line, some into the paper, the part of the exposed surface of the paper, exposing part of the changes have holographic effect, hologram contains the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games logo; gravure touch points: Tags positive central features of a group of gravure feel. Hand-marked Ao Tugan when the label on the back of the corresponding position marked indentation; gravure invisible text: link standard (front bottom), with gravure invisible text, the label placed parallel position with the eyes, face light source that can be seen "Beijing2008" words; invisible fluorescent text: label on the back of the middle of colorless fluorescent printed text, in particular ultraviolet lamp can be seen "Beijing2008"; Invisible fluorescent fibers: labels to add yellow, blue two kinds of invisible fluorescent fibers, the UV lamp shows two different colors of fiber; gravure miniature language: the label on the back above the miniature intaglio printed text can be seen under a magnifying glass "Beijing2008" words; barcode: Tags beneath the two-dimensional bar code and the back will be torn shopping one-dimensional bar code obtained.

Labeling: by top-down order, by the gravure invisible text, gravure miniature text, gravure touch line, holographic windowed security thread, bar code, price formation. And linked to different standard bar code, bar code labeling for the one-dimensional bar code.