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College Entrance Exam answer sheet for the first time a special paper paste barcode
  Time:2013-6-5   Browse: 44
Conform to high school this year in Guangdong Province, the new curriculum reform and reform of the college entrance examination first year of implementation. June 7, the province's 553 826 candidates in the parents, teachers, friends and relatives, accompanied by attention of the society, the went to the 462 test centers, 18 460 test room.
Answer sheet with a paste the first bar code
According to reports, this year's college entrance examination answer sheet will be the first paste the bar code means, that is the past, candidates need to answer are marked on the card in the name, candidate number, this will print the bar code on the uniform, after verification by the candidates in A paste title card of the top left corner of the "bar code for the post of" field box. Provincial Education Examinations Authority official said, paste barcode in the domestic part of the past practice had been adopted in large-scale tests, and in the university entrance exam the first time this year.
The responsible official, candidates receive bar code, to carefully check the bar code on the name, candidate number and my name, candidate number are consistent with the horizontal bar code confirmation will be posted on the answer sheet "bar code for the post of" field box , when attention can not paste beyond the box, the answer sheet so as not to affect the scan.
This year our province will increase the use of wireless communication tools to combat cheating efforts, more than 90% of the examination room is also equipped with "electronic eye", will be no hide away illegal cheating. Such as Guangzhou, this year there will be a wireless monitoring vehicle patrol in the city between the examination room, if found cheating in the use of communications tools for the implementation of the collective will to take immediate measures. In addition, each test center will be located more than two security police to maintain order.