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Self-adhesive labels in various industries and its development
  Time:2013-6-10   Browse: 49
Economic growth, consumer packaging concept of change and technological innovation, to the label market in China has brought tremendous development. At present, the label market in China, 20% annual rate, far higher than the national average of 7% to 9% growth rate is far higher than the label market Western countries, an average of 5% -6% growth rate. Despite the staggering growth, but the sticker and developed mature market than China's per capita consumption is only 0.5 Label 0.6 square meters, compared to more than ten square meters per capita in Europe and America in consumption (per capita U.S. 17 ~ 18 square meters), China label market there is a lot of room for growth and development potential. The following from various industries to illustrate the application of stickers and in which the development.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Increase life expectancy, medical technology makes the development of the pharmaceutical industry to become an eternal sunrise industry, especially in the "atypical pneumonia" in the aftermath of a further increase awareness of health care, more health-care products, birth, making further development of the pharmaceutical industry acceleration; shelves of non-prescription drugs, making all kinds of pharmaceutical products on the label printing requirement of a higher beauty; the same time the national norms on the pharmaceutical industry regulation measures, such as the implementation of GMP certification, have prompted the pharmaceutical industry more standardized packaging requirements, the previous wet glue labeling for various defects will be replaced by stickers, and pharmaceutical packaging bottle of growth and the widespread use of automatic labeling format will have stickers in the industry has an absolute advantage. Label the North American pharmaceutical industry accounted for 89% of the label market, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry trends stickers will also be the case. At present, the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in coated paper and glossy coated paper for the surfaces of Gerasin bottom paper adhesive material, printing on demand patterns clear, concise language, in particular the use of descriptive text printed with high demand. As the drugs on the safety and health of a very high demand and therefore could not have glue overflow, so as not to cause adhesion drugs themselves airborne dust, which need to select a more uniform adhesive coating, adhesive surfaces better adaptability material. In addition, as more pharmaceutical companies use automatic labeling, the label widely used in medicine tensile strength and good cutting performance of adhesive materials Gerasin the end of paper to satisfy the demands of high-speed automatic labeling requirements.

Supermarket logistics
With the rapid development of China's retail industry, foreign retail giants have entered China, the domestic supermarkets have sprung up in 2004, the top 100 chain stores nationwide in retail stores to reach more than 25,000 the total amount, up 40% , the major supermarkets on the demand for thermal label only to rise. In addition, the future logistics enterprise will pay more attention to cost control, efficiency, need to use thermal transfer barcode labels to control production management, inventory management, quality tracking. Therefore, variable information printing (variable informationprint) tags will be more widely used. Thermal label mainly used in supermarkets electronic scale, the surface material on the surface of the carbon coating and heat through direct contact with the first due to a chemical reaction when heated, black, to show the text to be printed. Thermal transfer label is mainly used for the logistics of the various information and bar code printing, mainly by the printer head by carbon ribbon on the temperature and pressure to transfer ink to the surface material to achieve information transfer. Therefore, thermal label printing is a chemical change, the information is difficult to save or prolonged exposure to sunlight; and thermal transfer label printing to a physical change in the logistics process can save the information better.

Electronics Industry
China's electronics industry with the development of national economy, improve people's living every year at a rapid pace, the popularity of home appliances, mobile phones, computers and a variety of innovative electronic products, the emergence and development, gave lead to more electronic tags vast market and more applications, electronic product labels are known for their high diversity of requirements and applications to the sticker industry bring new product development, great imagination. Adhesive materials used in the electronics industry mainly for the durability of thin film materials, usually PET film, requires a strong high temperature (usually 160. C above the temperature). Corrosion resistance, and the need to go through the United States UL certification to ensure their safety.

Tire Industry
The rapid development of automobile industry in recent years has also led to the development of relevant industries, the annual average growth rate of 15% has also led to the increase in tire production, single number from the car and tire ratio of 1:5 of view, each new tire an average of more than 20 million demand, and an annual export volume is also increasing. With the general power Stone, Michelin, Goodyear, good communication, etc. continues to expand its operations in China and export quotas, the tire market, Label in foreground. In China, there are three main forms of tire package: professional tire label; high-end tape dressing paste ordinary stickers; low-grade packing bags, no stickers. Including professional tire label affixed to the main directly bare tire surface, surface material and more material for the paper coating, adhesives require high mobility and viscosity, hot melt products usually require full access to and the tire surface to play sticky. In addition, the surface material and the adhesive layer between the aluminum layer will be added to better control the movement of strong adhesive, it does not overflow to the surface material on the dirt surface of the text message. With the tire market to enhance the overall grade, professional tire tag used more widely.

Oil industry
China has surpassed Russia as the world's second largest oil consumer, oil more than 4 million tons annually. With the development of automobile industry, more foreign brands into China, growing high-end lubricant market, thereby creating a national brand and high-end foreign brands compete for market structure. There are four kinds of current oil specifications: 1L, 4L, 20L, 200L. Drum on the most used type of paper stickers, a small number of high-end products with film labels, while some also use in-mold labels and heat transfer technology. From the development trend, as barrel tag larger, the surface is relatively rough drums and storage environments are relatively poor, with paper labels easy to produce all kinds of problems. Most foreign countries as the preferred thin-film materials. Film labels can overcome the lack of flexibility of paper label created by Alice standard issue. In China, because of cost considerations, the paper labels will still be large-scale use of. As the mold label unique advantages, namely, high integrity, not Qi Qiao, wrinkling and loss, but also eliminating the need for labeling the process is very suitable for lubricants industry, which does not require frequent changes in the shape of packaging (drums specification of basic fixed), so that the general interest in oil companies, there would be greater room for development.

Food industry
Compared to the previously mentioned several industries, food industry application of the proportion of small stickers. Mature markets in foreign countries, the food industry in various forms of labels, stickers proportion of about 20%, mainly for the wet glue labels, accounting for 68%. However, in some high-end products, self-adhesive label has been accepted and used, especially in some chocolate, candy packaging bottles, the sticker was a very good effect as a prominent shelf means are widely used. In China, the food industry uses a small percentage of the sticker and small, this is a sticker in the food industry's growth in a larger space. The domestic food industry currently use stickers or paper-based, some food for the performance of some gorgeous effects effects with a satin aluminum foil or PET material, in order to increase their shelf effects and high quality feel.

Beverage Industry
And food industries, beverage industries have very low self-adhesive label industry market share in foreign mature markets, the proportion of self-adhesive labels is about 5%. Low market share of space gave birth to the high-growth, currently in China, the application of the beverage industry is the largest opportunity Label juice products and high-end beer. Many high-end fruit juice with light surface PP labels, both show the appearance of colorful brilliant effect, but also suitable for low temperature storage. The beer, as the stickers in the next major growth point in the beverage industry, being more concerned about people in the industry. China has surpassed the United States in 2003 to become the world's largest beer producer, and foreign top 5 all the beer giant to enter China, they brought global packaging technology, will all be transparent for the high-end Label The small bottles of beer, the performance of "transparency without label" high-end feel, to respond to market demand. For recyclable bottles of adhesive label materials are also stepping up research and development, I believe that in the near future, stickers beverage market will bring tremendous development opportunity.

Apparel industry
Abroad, many brands of clothing are marked with stickers to price codes, such as Levis jeans, G2000, etc. are installed. With the increase in domestic garment exports (especially Hong Kong SAR), self-adhesive label in the garment industry on discretion applications are slowly being accepted. Its main advantage is to give people the feeling of luxury and clean, and the formation of one high-grade garments, not only embodies the high-end effect, and also convenient for consumers to view, so many well-known brands of clothing was used. Clothing label is the major application requirements of good can be removed, to be able to completely peeled off from the garment surface without leaving any residual glue can not stick the surface of the fiber bad clothing. In addition, since most clothing label clothing for export, so labels should be able to withstand the test of hot and humid environment at sea, to the test in advance accordingly. Label the application of far more than the above mentioned aspects, in short, self-adhesive label has penetrated all sectors in all fields. Rapid development in China, this film gave birth to life on the land, not thousands of plastic labels for its unique advantages and innovative applications in all areas of tremendous growth, and believe there will be more updates in the field quit used plastic label.