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Bar code label and system integration
  Time:2013-6-13   Browse: 56

Bar code label and system integration
Since the bar code issued today, has 20 years of history, China's introduction of the first bar code that can be speaking they are in European and American production products Bixu Yizhaoguowai customer Yaoqiu the standard Lai create bar code. 10 years ago, China started the bar code market, from card making to today's products require virtually all bar codes. We can say that bar code is the product ID, no identification of goods is difficult to survive in the market.

The previous bar code, usually just a passive being attached to goods, the largest for large supermarket checkout, today, people use bar code has been developed to a higher level. Use of bar code, we can see, in the library, use of bar codes can save processing time, the Public Security Bureau in some places, two-dimensional bar code can be used as a large number of data records marked for temporary residence permits population management, the management of the factory Inside, more material is used in hair management, process control, inventory control and so on.

For the plant, if the introduction of a production line can automatically identify the system does not need the lowest cost 100,000 yuan can be established, but the materials thus control waste and prevent the stock inventory errors, and so, its effectiveness will be quickly recovered. Now, in the advanced plant, especially the advanced countries of the large factories, almost all of these automatic identification technology used to further improve the management level, a number of cost reduction.

At present, due to objective circumstances of the automatic identification system is going up, bar code content requirement to save more information, two-dimensional bar code came into being, if you want to have a better understanding of two-dimensional bar code, please contact us The application will give you more information.

Bar code scanner and scanner and data acquisition
Bar code printed, the next step is to read, select a suitable bar code reading device, a printer with select as important, in general, one-dimensional bar code bar code reader cost is relatively cheap, usually about 500 as long as the market can be purchased, if it is two-dimensional bar code, the price of about 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan in between, some form of laser scanning equipment can read the bar code distance situation, but because the technology is still mainly controlled by a few foreign a vendor, the price very high. In fact, the use of traditional-style scanner to scan, both in the speed and distance, its performance will not lose laser scanner.
Many factory management, and supermarket inventory management, are required to read the product in (bar code) information while the product data and existing computer with the merger in time, so that our customers are able to obtain the latest information, so with the data Caiji device (commonly known as inventory machine). For example, a large supermarket warehouse management, as long as holding a data collector to enter the warehouse and shopping malls, the spot in front of the bar code reading products, with wireless transmission technology, the computer center can be immediately updated and is now real-time inventory data. A data acquisition prices differ greatly from the cheapest to the more than 10,000 yuan more than 6000 yuan has, depending on the customer's needs.

How to import Computer Systems Administration
As more and more companies units gradually into the computer system, for the existing computer system can be improved to achieve many of the past must invest heavily in automated systems, the simplest example is the use of the company's existing database to be used to achieve from procurement to sales of one-stop data processing. In the process, together with the reasonable use of bar code, not only reduce the human input to improve the accuracy of processing, the most important thing is to improve the company's overall efficiency. To give a week or a month to get the message can be turned into a message at any time can be dealt with immediately.

Currently, many ports / mail / hospital / school / public transport system so units are used on the automatic identification system, speed up workflow and increasing overall efficiency and reduce manpower costs, the benefits of Dushiyiwang hard to imagine . These systems constitute the main components are:

1. Automated identification of the media: such as bar code printers (all kinds of bar code), card machine (IC card magnetic card, etc.), radio frequency tags.
2. Media read device: barcode scanner (CCD or laser products), the data collector.
3. Processing software: both products connected with the above is completed, the data collection processing, calculation for the computer system to provide reports or export to other hardware systems.

These devices, currently the most economical of the bar code system by domestic enterprises Zhong Shi, Sui Ran in foreign countries have a number of advanced wireless technology, Danshiyinwei high by the Yin Su Jia Ge, for the time being it has no fat, Puji. Cengjing leadership in Yici one bar code system for our development work conference that "China should actively make use of this efficient and affordable bar code automatic identification technology to enhance the competitiveness of our businesses." cost of a barcode label does not need more than one-third of the money less than a penny even the smallest label, but to bring the service quality. Today, we are at post offices, airports, supermarkets, mass transit and so on occasion, almost everywhere where we are already enjoying the convenience brought by automated systems, we can not see the place, such as factory processes, express mail package processes, etc., actually all the time in the use of labels with computer operation.